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Next Level Protection for you and your
children’s mobile device

WardWiz Android Essential Plus does not only protect you from cyber threats - it is also a reliable assistant in case of theft and loss and always has a lookout for your children.

Secures you against online threats

Protects your device in case of theft and loss

Monitor your children’s internet usage and track their phones

Android Essential Plus
Next Level Protection for your mobile device

Innovative and easy-to-understand security features necessary for your mobile devices.

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Price £23,98/Year

Why WardWiz Android Essential Plus?

Next Level Protection for you and your children’s mobile device


Wardwiz Mobile scan helps you scan your apps and files for malware and malicious virus and protects your device against the same.

Duplicate Files Finder

Scans all the data stored on the device and shows all duplicate files in order to delete, open or analyse them. This feature will not only save space on the device by deleting unwanted duplicate files – therefore it will also boost the device’s performance..

Contact Back Up

Contacts in the device can be backed up and restored whenever required.

App Locker

This feature can be used to lock applications on the device in order to prevent an unauthorised access to the applications’ data.
Periodic App Locker: WardWiz will lock any installed applications for a particular period of time as per the user’s requirements.


Tracks a device via My WardWiz Space and displays its location of the last 3 days.

WardWiz Cloud features

Provides multiple features to secure the user’s device or to control it remotely:
a. Ring Device: Performs a ringtone to locate the device.
b. Capture Image: Captures a picture with the device’s front camera (Selfie) and sends it to the user’s email address including the GPS location of the device.
c. Track My Device: Shows the last 3 days’ locations of the device.
d. Anti-Theft: Shows the history of the captured images which were taken while someone entered a wrong PIN/pattern/password to unlock the phone.
e. Backup Contacts From Device: The user can back up his contacts from his device and save them in the cloud.
f. Your Contacts: The user can view the backed up contacts.
g. Erase Contacts From Device: The user can remotely erase all contacts from the device.
h. Factory Reset: The user can remotely wipe/reset/delete all settings and data stored on his device including pictures, videos, applications and other files. i. Lost Notice: The user can remotely lock the screen of his device and send a customised message on the locked screen.
j. Erase Device Data: The user can remotely delete all the data stored on the device including pictures, videos and other files.
k. Setting: The user can remotely check the internet connection on the device, turn on/off the Wi-Fi and show information like: SIM-Card details, available phone number, available Wi-Fi networks and the device information.
l. Launch App: The user can remotely open the WardWiz application on the device.

Uninstall/SIM Protection

1. Periodic App Locker: WardWiz will lock any installed applications for a particular period of time as per the user’s requirements.
2. SIM Card Security: The device will only work with authorized (by the user) SIM-Cards. If an unauthorized SIM card is inserted into the device, a password must be entered.


The Anti-Theft feature is designed to protect the user from theft and unauthorized access to their device. If the code that unlocks the device is entered wrong, the camera will directly take a picture (Selfie) of the alleged thief and the device starts ringing. The owner receives a notification via e-mail which contains both the selfie and the location of the device. Additional Anti-Theft features:
PC/USB Connection Alert: Whenever the phone is being connected to a USB/PC, WardWiz will alert the user with a ring and will lock your device.
Movement Alert: The user will be notified whenever the phone is being moved.
Pocket Theft: The user will be notified with a ring if the phone is taken out of his pocket.
Charger Unplug Alert: The user will be notified with a ring if the charging process is interrupted or if someone disconnects the charger from the phone.

Apps Monitor

This feature monitors all newly installed applications in real-time and will notify the user if any suspicious application is being found. It scans the app by analysing all permissions and its information

Device Locker

The user can lock his device for a self-defined period of time. The device can be unlocked by the WardWiz password only.

Parental Control

With the Parental Control feature, parents can control their child's internet usage, locate the child's cell phone and set a radius in which they allow their child to stay. If the child moves out of the defined radius, the parents receive a notification directly on their device as well an e-mail.

Private Browser

This feature grants complete online privacy to the user while browsing the web without any history being saved.

Encryption & Decryption

The user can encrypt & decrypt private and personal data in order to keep it safe and secure and protect it from unauthorized access.

Notification Manager

The user can manage the notifications for the Real-Time App Protection, the Battery Low Notification and the Ongoing (Sticky) Notification.
Battery Low Notification: The user gets notified if the phone’s battery is getting below 15%.
Ongoing (Sticky) Notification: The user can access the app, get the Real-Time Scanner status or boost the device and optimize the device’s memory directly from the notification.

Real-Time Protection

Scan Application in real-time process Wardwiz scans new application if it is being installed on device, Wardwiz also scans apk file if it is being downloading on being copied on device.

Phone Booster

Clean device RAM by removing background applications from memory.
Clear Cache: All the junk/unused files will be deleted by cleaning the applications' cache memory.
Boost: All the junk/unused files will be deleted by cleaning the RAM memory of the device in order to free it for further operations.

Web Controller:

This feature allows the user to control the internet use on his phone.
Ad Blocker: Blocks third party ads and makes browsing safer by stopping ads from tracking the user by using cookies.
Website Blocker: The user can block distracting or harmful websites by adding them to his blocklist.
Content Blocker: The user can block unwanted contents from being shown in his browser by adding them to his blocklist.

Vulnerability Checker

WardWiz scans the device for vulnerabilities and provides a list including solutions to minimize them. Vulnerabilities are the weak points through which an attacker can exploit the device and perform unauthorized actions.


My WardWiz Space Controller

Enable or disable the My WardWiz Space features as per your requirement

Trial Version

WardWiz Parental Control

WardWiz Android Essential Plus offers next-level protection for your children.

You can not only block specific websites for your children – you can also define a radius in which your child is allowed to stay in and receive a message, once it leaves the defined area.

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