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Secure your digital lifestyle with WardWiz

Comprehensive and User Friendly security options necessary for your iPhone or iPad

Secures you against online threats

Private Browsing Secures your surfing and shopping

iOS Essentials
Protection for your iPhones and iPads

Comprehensive and User Friendly security
options necessary for your mobile and tab.

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Why WardWiz iOS?

One stop shop for all your iOS mobile security needs


This feature uses motion sensors, proximity sensors, the charger and headphones plugs in order to alert the user in case the device gets stolen (the will device ring even in silent mode). We can’t always avoid it, but we can at least make it difficult for the thieves to steal your device.
Movement Alert
Pocket Theft Alert
Charger Un-Plug Alert
Headphone Un-Plug Alert

Parental Control

With Parental Control the user can block inappropriate websites from being accessed in Safari. This is a perfect feature if the device is used by an impressionable child. This feature will also block Ads while browsing in Safari.
Website Blocker
Ad Blocker

Photo Vault

The user can secure precious memories on the device with a passcode. This feature provides extra protection to photos saved in the gallery when added to the WardWiz Photo Vault.

Call Blocker

This feature allows the user to block unwanted calls which can be from either existing contacts or individual new phone numbers.

Track Location

Track your stolen/misplaced device with the help of GPS data tracking. If enabled, this feature will track the location of your device from My WardWiz Space.

Private Browser

The Private Browser allows the user to browse securely. Caches, Cookies and the History will not be stored.


The user can back up contacts to the WardWiz cloud to keep them safe. They can be retrieved/restored at any times.
Backup Contacts
Restore Contacts

WardWiz Space

The user can login to the My WardWiz Space portal and track the device for probable retrieval, retrieve backed up contacts, ring the device (even in silent mode) and capture the location of the device.
Erase Contacts from Device
Your Contacts
Backup Contacts from Device
Ring Device
Track My Device
Capture Location

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Protect your precious Data with WardWiz’ advanced features.

We provide System Essential Tools and the Anti-Virus comes along with it.