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We perform what we commit – “Made to Protect.

WardWiz, an established brand from Germany in the IT security solutions’ arena has now traversed to India, bringing to its market a system essential package for personal and professional use of computer systems. A team of experienced professionals in the Networking and Computer business brings to its patrons advanced IT security solutions. To begin with, WardWiz isn’t just an antivirus brand. It has been packed with services that well exceed the boundaries of virus protection and offer utilities in enhancing system performance.
We endeavour to provide an easy to install and easy to use security essential program, avoiding complexities and hassles associated with antivirus software . WardWiz System Essentials are cost-effective and innovative which address multiple issues of system security in this modern era. Our products have been packaged in a way to serve particular functions. This saves the user from the burden of installing heavy features even when not all of those are required. We also have a 24-hour helpdesk in the best sense of the word, avoiding endless waiting times and providing the immediate help a user needs. We perform what we commit:
“Made to protect”
We wish for our consumers’ happiness and comfort so that they have the best experience of working on their systems. It has been a pleasure serving our present users and we hope for many more happy faces in the days to come.
Harald Sünder

Harald Sünder

CEO, WardWiz Deutschland


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