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WardWiz Parental Control

WardWiz Android Essentials offers next-level protection for your family.

We at WardWiz know how important it is to protect our customers from malware
and other cyber threats – and obviously children need special protection while surfing the internet in order to prevent them from seeing pages that cannot be unseen. But technology can do so much more and offer protection besides the WorldWideWeb.

WardWiz User Experiences

We at WardWiz know how important it is to protect
our customers from malware and other cyber threats

Trevor, 37

"My daughter Olivia turned 10-years-old last month and she is very mature for her age, which is why she wants to spend time with her 12 and 13- year old friends, who love to go to a theme park nearby. I know she is very responsible and careful, but still it was not easy for me to let her go by herself – until I got WardWiz. With the Parental Control feature I can set a radius in which Olivia is allowed to stay in and if she would leave that defined area I receive a notification on my phone and email account right away. It gives me a good feeling to know where she is and that she is safe there."

Michael, 47

“My son Connor is 14 years old now and he loves to play all kinds of Online-Games on our tablet. Since gaming is more fun with a lot of virtual supplies, he used my PayPal account to purchase all kinds of items to use for his games without asking me for permission. In order to prevent this from happening again, I got the WardWiz app so I can lock specific apps with a separate passcode. So now, whenever he wants to purchase something online, he needs to ask me for permission.”

Andrea, 27

"My 4-year old daughter Alexandra can be quite a job to handle. So whenever I want to keep her entertained while I am busy, I am giving her our tablet to watch some videos. I was always afraid that she would open a page she shouldn’t open. That’s how I got to use WardWiz. With the Parental Control feature I can block all harmful pages and can easily monitor what she is doing. It really makes my life so much easier."

The most important features at a glance

Control your children's internet usage
and define a radius in which they are allowed to stay in.

All settings and restrictions can only be changed by the parents with a password.

Define a radius in which your kids are allowed to stay in and receive a notification in case they leave the area.

Track your children’s device to always stay informed and know that your kids are safe.

Receive a notification on your phone and via email in case your child leaves the defined area.

1-year-license for WardWiz Android Essential Plus is available for

The Parental Control function comes along with all necessary features to protect you and your family from cyber attacks and digital threats.