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OPSWAT platinum rated anti-virus protection.

Built in parental control features to keep your children safe online.

Anti theft features to retrieve stolen devices or remotely delete important data.


This Ebook has now been successfully converted into a FREE APP.

Providing you with all the information you need in a simple to follow App which you can also share with friends and family.

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Mobile security


WardWiz Mobile security is more that just anti virus. Our Android Essentials allows you to locate lost or stolen devices, lock the Simm and remotely delete personal files and contacts.

Available for Android, IOS
OPSWAT independent platinum rating

Parental control

Control your children’s internet usage and define a radius
in which they are allowed to stay in.


Define a radius in which your kids are allowed to stay in and receive a notification in case they leave the area.

Lock the App store

Lock the App store to ensure that your children cannot download any new Apps without your consent and guidance.

Manage screen time

Set limits on screen time to ensure that your children do not spend too much time online

Parental Controls

Download our guide, Protecting children of the digital age- everything you need to know about parental controls

Workstation Security

It’s the first-ever personalized Digital Security Solution protecting your digital lifestyle. Whether you are a private person, a concerned parent or running a small business WardWiz offers complete protection for your PC and mobile device. With its innovative features, it not only defends your system from cyber-attacks it is always one step ahead and makes your whole digital life easy and carefree.

Available for Android, IOS

This Ebook has now been successfully converted into a FREE APP.

Providing you with all the information you need in a simple to follow App which you can also share with friends and family.

Our guides on online safety

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Frequently asked questions

Is the internet safe for children?

The internet may be one of humanity’s greatest creations. Think of the endless opportunities, the people across the world you can connect with, the many ways you can enrich your life. From your desk at work you can visit every corner of the world and see all the beauty it holds. You can learn skills you would have never dreamed of. In every corner, you can find a new friend willing to show you a glimpse into their world. The internet can be a tool for so much good.
Unfortunately, there are two sides to the coin. For all the good, there’s an equal amount of bad. Thats why we have produces our ebook.

Do I need Mobile security?

WardWiz Android Essentials plus offers far more than just Anti Virus…although that is still important to protect your device from malware or spyware. Imagine if you lose your device or have it stolen. Someone else may now have access to all your personal information, pictures and even your banking. Now imagine if you can locate the device, lock the Simm so it can’t be used and remotely delete your files and contacts.
That is what Wardwiz offers.

is Cyber crime increasing

Unfortunately yes. All the reports state that cyber crime has increased by over 400% in the last couple of years with Phishing and Smishing ( mobile Attacks ) increasing astronomically. As more of us spend more time on our mobile devices and they in turn become more powerful the criminals are always looking at ways to steal your data or your money.

Is an Apple phone more secure than Android?

Most reports agree that Apple handsets are more secure due to Apples reluctance to allow developers to use their platform. However any Android device with security software such as WardWiz is far more secure than any Apple device.

When should children be given their first smart phone?

This is a very tricky question and in the end it is up to the parents to decide. However we do advice that parents learn about the potential dangers online prior to making this decision. Our ebook is designed to help and aid parents to discuss potential issue with their children in order to ensure their online safety.
Education and communication os the key to a better internet.

What does self protection mean?

WardWiz Self Protection is built to detect vulnerabilities and fix them. It identifies and defends itself from attacks

Does WardWiz provide a firewall?

The Wardwiz firewall filters and protects all existing versions of DDoS attacks on the network, transport and session levels, as well as at the application level for HTTP(s)/WebSocket traffic. WardWiz allows us to achieve stable operation of your resources even in the most powerful attacks. The three-level Triplet filtering system is built in such a way that illegitimate traffic from packet generators cannot even theoretically pass through to affect your network

Do I need an email scan?

WardWiz Email scan is an additional layer of active protection which scans your incoming and outgoing email messages in real-time for malicious content or attachments from phishing website. This extra layer provides additional protection.

What is WardWiz real time scanner?

Each time you receive a file, open, download or copy it, WardWiz real-time scanner will give you the highest level of protection on real time basis.

What is the registry Optimiser?

The Registry Optimiser improves performance of your device. It removes unwanted and leftover entries from software uninstalls, idle entries etc. to boost registry operations and boost the overall performance

Wardwiz has committed to donating 10% of all book revenues

As part of our ongoing drive to protect as many children as possible,  Wardwiz has committed to donating 10% of all book revenues to groups and charities supporting children’s safety online.

We would also like to add the option to purchase a paperback version of the book at a price of £15.99 with £1.25 postage.

Thanks, Gary

Having read this excellent guide on Parental Controls by Wardwiz, as a parent, and not being an expert in everything technical (I usually ask my child to set me up or do it for me), it gave me a step-by-step guide on how to set up controls to keep my child safe.

In the digital age that our children are being brought up in, what they have access to is frightening, we need to do everything possible to keep them as children for as long as possible and to keep them safe.

This parental guide was scary to read at first but covered all the apps, with easy steps to help parents have control on what their children have access to.

I would highly recommend this guide, well written and easy to follow, a must for all parents.

I also work with Educational establishments and will recommend this guide to all my schools.

Sam Raper

This ebook is perfect for parents and guardians who aren’t familiar with new and upcoming apps that are rapidly appearing with scarce instruction on how to use the technology safely!

In my opinion, this guide contains crucial advice and information that should be distributed nationwide & a mandatory read within care systems, educational settings, and health centres. Use of the would also be beneficial during online workshops with parents & carers or as a late-night read as a concerned guardian.

I definitely feel more confident allowing my child have use of the internet.

Child safety eBook

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